How to get your gamepad to work with Dead Rising 2 for PC

This was an issue that bothered me to no end when I bought Dead Rising 2 for PC last  year. I put the game aside for several months because, no matter how many supposed fixes I tried, my wireless gamepad simply would not cooperate. Most PC games, especially ones that are labelled with the “Games for Windows Live” logo, come with gamepad support right out of the box. For whatever reason, Capcom or Blue Castle or whoever was supposed to test this functionality didn’t. As a result, hundreds of PC gamers feel that they were ripped off and are unable to properly enjoy the game. I don’t blame them.

Well, I’m happy to tell you that I finally found a solution and even happier to tell you that the game is buckets of murderous fun – once the gamepad works, that is. The keyboard and mouse controls are horrendous. Some games just don’t feel right without a gamepad or controller in hand. Here’s how I got my gamepad to play nicely with Dead Rising 2:

Step 1: Download this Xbox 360 controller emulator by Evaldas Jocys. The file you want is named something like, give or take the version number.

Step 2: Extract the zip archive to your Dead Rising 2 executable directory, which will be something like C:\Program Files (x86)\Capcom\Dead Rising 2. It’s important that the x360ce.exe file is in the same directory as the deadrising2.exe file. This is because executable (.exe) files will look for library (.dll) files in the same directory that they reside in first before going to the system directory. This is true for any program running under Windows, at least. I’m not sure how it works under other operating systems. When you run the x360ce.exe file, it will create the missing library files for us in this directory.

Step 3: Double click the x360ce.exe file and confirm that you want to open it by clicking “Run” when the Windows security warning dialog pops up. When the program launches, you should get two additional warning dialogues. The first one will prompt you to create the x360ce.ini file. This is the file that holds the configuration settings for the program. The second one will prompt you to create the xinput1_3.dll file. This is the library file that gets compiled along with the configuration settings and will enable your gamepad to work with the game. Click “Yes” on both of these prompts to have the files created.

Step 4: At this point, you should be looking at a new window that says “New Device Detected.” Leave the first radio button checked – the one that says “Search automatically for settings” – along with the checkbox that says “Search the Internet” and click “Next” at the bottom of the window. Finally, click “Finish” at the bottom of the next window. If the program displays a green box on the tab for the controller you have selected, then you can continue to step 5. If it displays a red box on the tab, then see the troubleshooting section of this post.

Step 5: Click the “Options” tab near the top-center of the main program window and change the hook mode to “Compatibility.”

Step 6: Click “Save” at the bottom-right corner of the window. Close the program and launch the game.

Step 7: One the game has launched, go to Options, then go to PC Settings. Hopefully, you will have the option to enable the gamepad.

If this method doesn’t work for you, try experimenting with the other hook mode settings. I hope this helps someone else enjoy the game.


52 thoughts on “How to get your gamepad to work with Dead Rising 2 for PC

  1. Joseph

    Try Dark Souls PC edition without a controller, that is horrible! But this game actually have a pretty decent mouse+keyboard support, anyway… is weird this game doesn’t have gamepad support when nearly any other CAPCOM game on the pc had it.

    1. Dave Post author

      Agreed, I thought it was weird too. Can’t wait to try Dark Souls. I will definitely play that one on PS3 though (I don’t think my computer is up to it).

  2. Hashish

    Dude thank you so much you rock! Just bought this game and was cursing it for not having gamepad support. It’s absolutely ridiculous that it was allowed to ship without it.

  3. Josh WK

    I can’t thank you enough! Spent two hours messing with that disaster (thanks again, Capcom) and nearly gave up before stumbling here, worked beautifully. Thank you, sir.

  4. Jair

    Emm I’m having a problema, the tutoral was all ok, no problems no nothing, I started the game and the sound of the correct device detection played and I felt good.
    Then when I activated the gamepad, only the keybord icons change to Xbox ones but my controller doesn´t work.
    If this works I have an 360 Afterglow.
    Please help

      1. Jair

        It was recognized and all, then I started the game and activated the controller, the only thing that happened was the appearance change for the buttons, but the controller wan’t working.
        Now I want to try another setup in the x360ce, but now a lot of error messages appear and I can use the program.

      2. Dave Post author

        I’m not sure. With the x360ce program open, can you push the buttons and move the joysticks around? It should show each button press in the diagram, so you can tell for sure if the configuration is correct. I have a PS3 Afterglow that works great with x360ce but I had to experiment a bit to find the right configuration.

  5. Tristan

    I have installed all the vcredlist_x86 and x64 but it still says missing msvcp110.dll how do i fix this problem?

      1. Todd

        Hmm not related to controller issue??? I didnt have this missing file until after following the above steps

  6. Lantz

    I even reinstalled VC and restarted but the game is unplayable now, wierd since i booted the game 5 minutes prior with no problems…

  7. Lantz

    Ok after some tries:

    Everytime i start c360 and create the .ini for the first time, when i press the finish button it gives me an error message and tells me that mscvp110.dll is missing.
    When i reinstall x86 it still says it, and if i delete everything and reinstall it works…

    Makes sense for anyone?

  8. joejoe

    i did everything but when i go back into the game, it still wont let me select controller. My controller is xinput and the x360ce program gave me no errors. any ideas?

  9. Jeffrey

    Didn’t work. Have the green box next to the controller and everything else checks out, but the option is still greyed out when I go into PC settings. PLUS it breaks the Guide button. Using an xbox 360 afterglow controller that literally works with everything else GFWL certified.

  10. Iain

    If you are running windows 8 64 bit I can tell you that the most recent version of x360ce does not work with Dead Rising 2. However, I did manage to get version to work beautifully, so I would stick with Dave and use that version.

    1. Salve

      Thanks lain, that’s what was giving me trouble. Also, thank you Dave for posting this wonderful guide; it took me a little while but I finally got it working :)

  11. Alicia

    HAH! Thanks Iain! Same here. Had to use in order to get it to work with Win8. Otherwise it told me I was missing the darn .DLL.

  12. Jamie

    Thank you, Dave & commenters! I had been pulling my hair out for hours trying to get it to work with the latest version of x360ce (and MotionInJoy), and it was a total disaster! x360ce support wasn’t helpful at all. Running Windows 7 64-bit, and using this EXACT version, was perfect! (I also did NOT load any presets in x360ce this time, as last time, I loaded the MotionInJoy “fake” 360 controller one, so that might’ve helped too). Anyway, THANK you. Just got DR2 in a Steam sale and thought I had pretty much wasted my money.

  13. chizmad

    Didn’t work for me. I’m using a thrustmaster gpx lightback xbox gamepad.
    Tried this several times with every different hook setting. And it wont work at all. My controller is wired.
    I have the steam version that still has GFWL.
    Please help.

      1. chizmad

        just did and it didn’t work… sadly… is there a specific one im to try? I have tried them all and im getting nothing still…

  14. vincent

    Once again.
    Same issue here, tried everything in the program to make adjustments to get this to work
    However, I downloaded the only copy available at that link, and it’s a newer edition.
    I am going to try to go for the edition that you suggest, and see what happens

    1. vincent

      Yep! The newer version seems incompatible! I am running vista 32 bit (my shit wont upgrade nor update X.x) and “downgrading” the version of Toca made it work. Thanks So much!

      just google that string and it will appear

    1. Dave Post author

      If Steam is installed to “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam” (which it usually is, unless you changed it), the game files will be under “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Dead Rising 2” or something like that.

  15. Rick

    Strange, It recognizes the controller in the ‘windows live’ menu but not in the game itself. Tried every hook mode, controller is green in the x360ce but greyed out in game, any ideas?

  16. ZombieGage

    You are a lifesaver man. Thought I wasted that money in Steam for nothing. Much appreciated!

    For those of you having issues, make sure you are googling the exact version of x360ce mentioned above: “”. Using that exact version and following the steps outlined worked like a charm for me.

  17. Bowman

    Game changer! Ensure to get the right x360ce version, which is I must say that this guide saved me hours of headache. Back to gaming!


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