How to enjoy Fallout (part two)

I know I said that having fun in the wasteland was pretty simple, but I finished it this weekend and decided there are a couple more tiny pieces of advice you could really use in order to maximize your enjoyment with the game. Don’t worry, I won’t spoil anything major here and I won’t simply tell you how to play the game a la a proper walkthrough. But you can call this The Absolute Minimal Fallout Walkthrough for Pros if you wish and I won’t get offended.

I already told you to 1) not read any walkthroughs and to 2) read the manual, so here’s 3) and 4).

3) When you start running out of time to find the water chip, you might as well just ask Google. The game itself will give you absolutely no hints on how to accomplish this, so there’s no shame in looking it up. Afterwards you’ll be free to go about exploring and exploding enemies like blood sausages at your leisure.

4) If you try to beat the game and decide to go the violence route without first obtaining power armor, then you’re in for a world of pain. Do yourself a favor and look that one up too.

I believe that’s it. I almost told you to 5) go ahead and let your companions die, which will spare you the tedium of managing their inventories and of keeping them alive, but I have mixed feelings about that so you can take it or leave it. Actually, that goes for all of my advice. I’m a decade or so short of being a Fallout guru.

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